Recent research in neuroscience has shown that it is not enough to simply practice and train the physical and physiological components to achieve improved results in sports, but attention and perception must be engaged.

The world’s first method to train for cognitive reaction time.

The App SensoBuzz is the focal point of the Coordinabolic Method, which can be used to improve performance in sports, including Tennis, Fencing, Boxing, Karate, Soccer, Basketball etc.

Coordinabolic Method

The Coordinabolic Method and SensoBuzz constitue a unique system whereby Attention is the fulcrum that stimulates cognitive, conditional, coordinational and metabolic capacities, to achieve desired results not only in sports, but other aspects of life.


48 Programmable Programs
SIGMA TEST: Sigma Test: The first and only test to evaluate intentional physical response.


All of my experience in one App

In the early 2000s Salvatore Buzzelli, an athletic coach at the time, developed a method that measured the time between awareness and reaction, which became SensoBuzz.

SensoBuzz, which is available as an App, is a focal part of the Coordinabolic Method, which is a training method also created and developed by Buzzelli himself.

SensoBuzz: a revolutionary tool that can be used by everyone.

The App that allows you to work with your imagination and creativity while being based on scientific methods.


The benefits from using SensoBuzz during training include raising the level of attention and awareness while performing exercises, reducing reaction time, and remaining focused for relatively long periods of time.


SensoBuzz can also be beneficial in stimulating cognitive growth for children and in reducing issues with dyslexia, dyspraxia, through its game oriented approach.


SensoBuzz can be useful in reducing and overcoming cognitive and physical decline through practicing simple exercises, even while seated. Through rhythmic visual and acoustic signals to be followed, it stimulates the reactivation of synapses that can otherwise decline.

Top level athletes training with SensoBuzz (videos taken from THEIR social networks)

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The App SensoBuzz generates various types of timed signals, visual or acoustic, that can be programmed to be uniform or random, depending on the need of the particular sport or situation.

Top level Tennis Coach and Trainers


What can the App SensoBuzz be used for?

SensoBuzz has shown to be helpful in athletics, in cognitive development of children and adult rehabilitation.

What areas does SensoBuzz work on?

SensoBuzz works on neuro-motor reaction time, coordination, conditioning, and prevention of cognitive decline.

Can SensoBuzz improve test results?

From the Sigma Test  in the App you can create personal trainings to improve results.

Can you make personal programs from SensoBuzz?

After completing the SigmaTest, in Settings you can create various profiles with different objectives.

How much does the App SensoBuzz cost?

Actual cost is 79.99 Euros for a lifetime licence.

SensoBuzz Family

Annalisa Coltorti – Trainer
National Fencing
Stefano Baraldo –  Tennis Coach
Prof- Salvatore Buzzelli – Creator of the SensoBuzz App

SensoBuzz is an Application by Salvatore Buzzelli

Sports Training Methodologist
Scientific Trainer of Athletic Preparation
International Tennis Coach

SensoBuzz: the book.

The book SensoBuzz presents the method developed by Salvatore Buzzelli for his students. It expands on the scientific principles that are the base for this method and indicates how to apply them. The book explains the Coordinabolic Method,  as created and defined by Buzzelli, as perceptive-kinetic training that improves concentration, attention and can stimulate coordination, conditional, and metabolic motor skills.